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From The Desk Of Francis Ablola
(Co-Founder, Internet Marketing For Beginners and MarketersBlackBook.com)
Wednesday, 10:43 am.

RE: Your Shortcut To Internet Success

Dear Friend,

Check out these stats:

Now I could go on and on but the point is... Your prospects, buyer, sellers, and customers are online.

And here's the simple fact...

If You're Not Getting Found Online, You're Getting Lost!

It's no secret the marketing most small businesses use today are nearing extinction.

Search Engines, Mobile Apps, Social Media, Online Retailers, Pay Per Click Marketing, Email... This is the way business is moving. The new digital age doesn't care if you're not following the trends. You either need to... Get On The Bus, Or Get Left Behind!

But the good news is...

To take advantage of the new wave of marketing, you simply need direction, and someone to show you the way, step-by-step...

And that's exactly why I'm writing you today...

If you want to drive more buyer and seller leads into your deal funnel...

...Or you've been dreaming of starting or growing a business so you can enjoy more freedom, security, and income...

...And yet, despite your best intentions, your goal is always just out of reach...

Then let us hold you by the hand and personally show you what we've done to...

Drive Floods Of New Customers, Make Millions In Sales, And Set Up Autopilot Online Income Systems That Run Without Us!

You know your business needs to be online... But how?

You can read every book, buy every course, and spend countless hours researching and learning.

Only then can you burn through thousands of dollars trying to test what works and what doesn't only to find that 99% of the information you hear about internet business is completely BOGUS!

Yes, you can try to figure out the online world on your own...

But wouldn't you want to save yourself the bumps and bruises? Wouldn't you want to work with people who've done the trial and error? Have the resources and know how? Know what works? And created massive results?

Meet Your Personal Marketing Dream Team...


Francis Ablola

"The Internet Gurus' Hired Gun"

Francis (That's me!) is a Million Dollar Marketing Strategist and Award Winning Advertising Copywriter. In the last 10 years he's worked Fortune 1000 companies to garage startups helping these business grow online. He's known for creating marketing promotions that have generated tens of thousands of new leads, and millions in revenue for his clients.

Bernard Ablola

"The Special Forces of Online Traffic"

Bernard is a traffic generation expert. Since being head hunted by Microsoft as one of the first analysts to launch the AdCenter Platform he has consulted with the world's largest name brands and companies helping direct over $20 million in annual ad spend. Today he helps his clients create instant floods of traffic via paid media and convert those visitors into paying customers.

Brian Hanson

"Small Town Boy turns $150 into
$13 MILLION in Online Sales"

Brian is a traffic and lead generation expert. He took an idea and a simple 5 page website and turned it into over $13 million in sales in under 4 years. A self taught SEO expert he dominates the web for top-level keyword phrases and generates over 200,000 visitors a month to his niche websites. A self-proclaimed "technology idiot," he did this without ever building a website himself or touching a line of HTML code.

Ryan Bush

"Online High Ticket Sales"

What Ryan sells online some would say is impossible. That's because he's created a system to sell houses over the internet. A real estate investor, Ryan attracts house buyers and house sellers to his proven automated online follow up systems to make money selling homes around the clock without him being involved. Today he trains other investors across North America to do the same.


Combined... We've Been There... We've Done That... We've Seen It All...


And we're called upon by the world's largest companies and most successful Internet marketers to create amazing results...

The Good News For You Is That You Won't Have To Strike A Six-Figure Check.

Now it's your turn to tap into our collective brainpower, and leverage our experience for your business.

Let us take you by the hand and personally work with you to break down any business roadblocks and get you up and running online in the fastest time possible...

If you're...

...Then I'd like you invite you to invest two days with us in sunny Jacksonville, FL for something we call...

Internet Marketing
For Beginners Live

Imagine, in just one short weekend discovering the most powerful strategies, tools, and tactics for growing your business online...

Grow your business and income light-years ahead of where it is now, following a simple, proven, and easy to implement action guide we you'll get at this hands-on intensive workshop.

This isn't a rah-rah, feel good type event. This is "get our hands dirty and go to work" time. After our time together you'll leave a lean, mean, internet marketing machine.

In fact, we're keeping the room small to give you personal attention if you need or want it.

Our goal to is to make 100% sure you leave with what you came for!

Don't you think for a second this is the run-of-the-mill seminar. And no, this is NOT pitch fest.

This isn't that kind of horse and pony show. We're delivering VALUE.

Here's what else this event is NOT...

  • It's NOT a speaker parade...
    We have a few friends sharing very valuable information that we've called in to help us teach some of the newest, most effective stuff we've come across... but we won't have a stampede of pitchmen selling their wares!

  • It's NOT based on theory...
    We do this stuff everyday. What we teach we use for our own businesses and our clients. You'll see what works for us, for you to take and use in yours.

  • It's NOT out dated info...
    There's a lot of stuff floating around online... and most of it is garbage that worked 5 years ago, but doesn't work today. We'll show you what we do... just copy and paste our success!

  • It's NOT technical mumbo jumbo...
    We're focused on you learning and retaining the information. We'll spend special attention on making sure you GET THIS STUFF. So often at internet marketing events the speakers try to outdo themselves with how technical and geeky they sound. Not here... we'll break down the steps, piece-by-piece so you GET IT!

  • It's NOT a super conference packed wall to wall of 1000's...
    Nope, we're keeping the room small for your benefit. We want you to learn, and we want to invest our time in YOU with personal attention if you need it.

I guarantee... you will leave this event ready to take the Internet by storm and massively grow your business (or start a new one) that drives floods of new customers to you...

How do I know? Because I've seen it time and time again from my clients, and from our own efforts!

You saw the proof on this page...

This stuff works when you apply it, and it's easy... How easy?

Well I'll tell you, Brian doesn't know a thing about the technical side of the internet... He just knows what needs to be done.

He's created hundreds of thousands of visitors to his websites each month, and produced over $13 Million in sales in 4 years.

"The Start From Nothing Plan!"

Starting from ground zero, we got you covered! (Brian started his online business with $150 and turned it into over $2 million in sales year 1, more than doubled that in year two, and flirted with approaching a cool $6 mil a year there!)

At IM4B Live, we'll spend some time dissecting his start up approach!

The best part is, he didn't carry any of his own inventory, or even own the products. He just connected buyers with sellers. This is the MIDDLE MAN METHOD... and it's the basis of much of what we do.

That's something we'll show you how to do... find what needs to be done and have someone else do it for you. (For pennies on the dollar btw!)

That's the secret to total leverage and success in internet marketing... But again...

You Need The Blueprint!

And in our time together in Jacksonville, that's exactly what were going to give you! Here's a sneak peak at our schedule, and what you can expect to learn...

  • Building your personalized Internet Marketing Plan from the ground up. If you fail to plan, you can plan to fail. We'll work with you to create a strategy you can leave with and put into action right away. This plan will be your blueprint to success online even if you have zero experience.

  • "Under The Radar" Profit Centers for Your online business. You're leaving money on the table!

  • Setting up your web presence the right way, and expanding your online empire. (Even if you have ZERO technical experience!)

  • Driving QUALIFIED leads to your business. Massive website traffic is one thing. (And we know how to do that, too) But you want SELLER and BUYERS who are ready to act. We'll show you where to find them and how to get them to work with YOU!

  • Running your business on autopilot through automated follow up and online deal magnets.

  • Your "lifestyle driven" business plan! For us, it's about less work, more money, more freedom, more time. (And more time on the beach!) Sitting on the beach may not be what you're looking for, but we can help you design your plan to meet your goals whatever they may be!

  • The power of persuasion in your advertising. You'll learn a simple process for becoming a master communicator and "salesman in print!" from someone who's created millions of dollars in sales all through effective advertising copywriting. Go from selling one-on-one, to selling to the masses without ever talking to a client or prospect!

  • Turning your PASSION into Profit. One of the things we love to do is find what people are truly passionate about... and help them turn that into a business income for them. If you've ever read the best selling book, "The Four Hour Work Week", the author talks about the "Muse". It's a business you set up and it runs with out you. We'll help you find your "Muse" and give you the steps to turn it into your own personal cash machine!

  • How to run your online operations if you know ZILCH, NADA, ZIP about technology or the Internet!

  • The quick and easy way to get a professional website running in 15 minutes flat - with no web designer needed! And it's 100% Free!

  • The anatomy of an effective-business getting website. We'll show you to build your 24/7 sales person that requires no pay and no commission.. But get this part wrong, and kiss customers goodbye.

  • Dominating your local marketplace in lightening speed. (Local marketing is the fastest, simplest, easiest, and most powerful way to get highly targeted sellers and buyers paying attention to what you can do for them.)

  • Automated Lead Magnets for any business. If you have a new business, and want more customers (who doesn't) we'll walk you though creating a "Lead Magnet" that drives your perfect prospect to your doorstep - even while you sleep!

  • How to get floods of highly targeted to any website instantly! We'll talk about traffic. Paid and free sources, and how you can turn them on like a faucet. Get your ideal customers to find you online immediately.

  • How to get on the first page of Google and other search engines like Bing, and Yahoo! Brian is an expert at search engine optimization. He dominates the search engines for top searches for hundreds of terms. Until now it's seemed like a mysterious black box. But Brian and our expert web traffic panel will walk you through the BACK DOOR way to top rankings!

  • How to get a new online business running overnight - and the fastest, easiest, and simplest way to make additional money using the Internet in your spare time.

  • Power Blogging for fun and profit! Blogging is huge. Imagine writing about what you're passionate about to a group of like minded people... and get paid for it!

  • Video Marketing Online. Video is SIMPLE - if you know the shortcuts. We'll show you how to produce quality videos for just a few bucks, and use that video to dominate search engines and YouTube! You don't even need to be the face on camera if you don't to be. You'll get our tricks for creating videos people love to watch, which leads to die hard fans and customers!

  • The 5X Multiplier. I've got an easy way to make the majority of your marketing efforts push button easy. I shared this for the first time in a room in Toronto and they were falling over themselves with excitement. I'll do in depth of what the 5X Multiplier is and how you can use it in your business immediately!

  • The Product Creation Workshop. If you're looking to start a new online business, or want to add an additional revenue stream to your existing business - then we'll show you the secret to getting stuff to sell, practically overnight. We'll show you how to find products at deeply discounted process to resell. And we'll also go into creating your own information product and the easy way to have your product made with zero budget!

  • Demystifying the "tech side" of internet marketing. Forget the mumbo jumbo about HTML, CSS, FLASH, JAVASCRIPT, PHP - yada yada yada. You'll know what you need to know, and have someone else worry about the rest!

  • Brand Yourself As An Expert! The web is a great place to establish your brand. We'll show you how to become the instant expert in your area using a mix of social media, press releases, and even teach you the shortcut to creating your own book - even if you don't have a single clue on the topic!

  • Dominate Social Media! Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+... How do you keep up with all of it. We've found a sneaky way to dominate social media and get found online in all the places you need to get found to generate more customers for your business - and help you create loyal raving fans in the process. It's easy and we'll show you how!

  • Building a POWER TEAM! Outsourcing strategies to save you time and make you money. You'll get our strategies for finding high quality workers for as little as $3 per hour!

  • Mobile Marketing Made Easy! Mobile is the future! Everyone has a cell phone, and smart phones are becoming the standard. We'll show you how to get your business "in the pockets" of your target customers so they see your message before your competition!

  • Viral Marketing Wildfire. Why wildfire... because it spreads uncontrollably. That's exactly what we want your marketing to do. We'll show you a hot new technology that get any of your new and existing customers to freely share your business with all of their friends - and happily do it without payment or referral fees!

  • Using the Internet with Direct Mail! We're brining in an expert at taking your business to the next level! The mail is still here, and if you're not using it the right way, you're leaving 50% of the money on the table. My friend is an expert at marrying ninja internet tactics (that you'll learn at our event) with the post office to create amazing results!

I GUARANTEE... you will leave this event ready to take the Internet by storm and massively grow your business (or start a new one) that drives floods of new customers to you...

How do I know? Because I've seen it time and time again from my clients, and from our own efforts!

You see the proof on this page and the testimonials down the right hand side. That’s really people who’ve experienced what you’re going to experience.

You'll leave with... WHAT WORKS RIGHT NOW!

A Personalized Blueprint and Action Plan For Success!

We also have planned...

If you look at it this way this is a rare opportunity to…

Absorb Over 40+ Years Of Combined Experience In Just 3-Days…And Skip The Costly Trial And Error. (And our MASSIVE Consulting Fees!)

Over the last several years I’ve been to A LOT of seminars and events. I've even spoken to audiences all across North America, and some have paid upwards of $5000 at some of these events to attend.

Our private coaching clients pay $30,000 for attention, our mastermind group starts at $15,000, and my platinum consulting clients have paid me large sums of over $100K for my copywriting and advice.

I’m not alone, Ryan, Brian, and Bernard charge HUGE fees for consulting in the areas of traffic, social media, search engine optimization – and often their booked months in advance if available at all!

Saying that... why are we doing this in this type of small setting... and for such a little investment?

(In fact, we GUARANTEE results for you when you attend the Internet Marketing For Beginners LIVE event. I'll tell you more about in a second.)

Here's the simple answer...

There's a few reason's actually...

  1. This is the first event my team and I are doing together... And hopefully the first of many. But we want to make sure our first event goes without a hitch, and all our attendees get the maximum value. In fact, we want you to be a raving fan and tell everyone you know in the business community about us.

  2. We want to fill the room with smart people because we'll be turning the content we teach into a product for a future release. We want smiling faces, and honest feedback.

  3. From every event I've ever attended in the last 10 years (and that's a lot of events) I've created at least ONE powerful relationship that lasted and put money in my pocket. This event will be no different!

    In the past, we've worked behind the scenes exclusively on our own projects, and with a handful of clients... but now we want to share what we have learned in our years of doing - with others to help them grow.

  4. We're looking to expand our network! To paraphrase an old saying... you are the result of the people you spend time with. I want to spend time with like minded, success driven people. If that's you, I want you there and I want to build a REAL relationship with you!

It's about the freedom, confidence, security, control, lifestyle and independence that you'll gain in our time together.

If you're sick, tired, and frustrated from doing the same thing you've been doing again and again, this is the time to stop and change.

We're giving you the keys to the wheel of life... and we want that success for you!

We're Maxing Out The Room!

At our last event we expected 50 people, 90 showed up. We added tables wall-to-wall front and back. It was standing room only and the crowd loved every minute. (Just see the testimonials on this page.)

Check it out…

And the results from attendees have been phenomenal in the months since and the majority has already claimed a seat for this event.

We expanded our conference room to 150 people this go around, and already have several registrations before we went “public” with this event.

But be warned…

Once The Seats are Gone, Their Gone!
That’s It! Sorry!

You can’t put this decision off because we're going all out, and this event will leave a POSITIVE IMPACT on your business.

We’ve taken our knowledge and experience and turned it into Multiple Millions in sales for our clients and ourselves.

We even login to our accounts LIVE at the event.

This is your chance to gain that experience and knowledge and put it into action for YOU!

If you take into account what it cost us to learn all this stuff, and the years of putting this stuff into action… the price is small in comparison.

Let’s Get Down To it…

The tuition to attend this weekend is $1497.

That includes admission for you and one guest.

Just $1497 to learn what took us over 40 combined years of trial and error, and to leave with a proven action plan personalized to your business.

 But When You Take Action Today, You Won’t Have To Pay Anywhere Near That Price! Keep Reading And…

Be A Part Of History In The Making!

We're going to do something TOTALLY different. In fact, we're going to challenge ourselves. And we’re going to challenge YOU!

During the event we’re going to throw down the gauntlet and issue the…

Action Taker Challenge!

(Be sure to bring your laptop for this one!)

This is something NO ONE in the seminar world has ever had the guts to do.

During the event, starting from Day 1, we’re going to give you the tools and know how to build your first list, and make your first dollar on the Internet!

Making the first $1… the first sale… is a LIBERATING feeling. It’s freeing, it’s a major confidence booster, and when you know THIS ONLINE STUFF IS REAL!

As a group, we’re going to challenge each other to build your business in 3 days… BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE EVENT!

You’ll learn the tools, the resources, and the strategies. And when we’re done for the day, or during breaks you apply them.

You’ll see how easy this stuff really is.

In just three days you’ll be well on your way to the freedom lifestyle your Internet business can give you.

And for the people who take the MOST ACTION we’ve got…

Over $10,000 In Prizes and Other Cool Stuff…

Including IPads, Kindle Fire’s, Books, Trainings, Personal Consulting Sessions and MORE!

You’ll get all the details day 1 of the live event but this is just one way of standing behind our trainings and PROVING you can get results!

And that’s not all…

When you reserve your seat today and take part in the Action Take Challenge we’re going to go the extra mile.

To show our dedication to you, and faith in our training we’ll let you…

Pay Your Tuition On The Honor System!

Yes, when you reserve your seat BEFORE the October 1st deadline, invest only $497 today to attend the Internet Marketing For Beginners LIVE Event.

Take the “Action Taker Challenge”. Put our skills to the test.

Then after, and only after, you make your first $3,000 on the Internet using the strategies we share with do we ask you to send us a check for the remaining balance!

Make $3,000 or don’t pay a single thing after your initial deposit! That’s a 100% Return On Investment!  (Where else can you get that now-a-days?)

Sound fair?

We can do this because we believe SO MUCH that our training can help you!

In fact, to give you that added push that when you register we’ll also include…

Over $3,500 In Additional Bonuses

When You Register By October 1, 2013

Bonus #1: The Internet For Beginners Resource Guide...
You’ll get an easy to follow workbook containing the resources and tools we share during the event. You can follow along and know with confidence you won’t miss a beat! (A $497 Value)

Bonus #2: The Ultimate Traffic Mind Map…
Traffic is EVERYTHING when it comes to your online success. You’ll get a full sized poster outlining our top traffic sources, and how best to use them. This is a MUST HAVE reference to any serious Internet marketer! (A $197 Value)

Bonus #3: Two Live Follow Up Q/A Webinar.
We know after you leave you’ll have questions. You may look over your notes, or get stuck taking action. That’s ok, it’s expected. That’s why we’ve arranged TWO live calls after the event to answer any questions you might have from what you’ve learned. (A $500 Value)

Bonus #4: Bring A Guest For Free!
Success is best when it’s shared. We want you to bring your spouse, significant other, business partner or family. This gives you the opportunity to build a support group when you get home and achieve results even faster! (A $1497 Value.)

That's a total $3,688 in value for registering your seat today!

So to recap the deal:

You Pay Just $100 Today!

It's a no-brainer. It's a simple investment...

PLUS, you’re backed by a…

And your decision today is totally backed by a...

BETTER THAN 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you don't believe the Internet is where the business world is moving then you don't belong at this event.

But if you are positive that you need to be online to not just survive but thrive today, then I insist you join us to supercharge your business, and find new ways to add revenue flowing into your business.

You should know we're committed to give you our all! We're going overboard with information and personal attention to you!

I GUARANTEE you will leave not only armed with the hottest strategies to take your business to the next level using the Internet.... BUT... you have a proven action plan personalized to YOU.

If after our two days together at the end of the event, you've sat through everything, worked with us personally through our one-on-one sessions, and after hours networking you're still not convinced you can take your business to the next level online... then... we'll give you your tuition back.

Just let me or one of my team mates know at the end of the last day, and we'll give you a full refund.

So yes, attend the entire event, both days... If you don't feel like your time was well spent let me know and I'll give you your tuition back on the spot. (and you can keep the bonus gifts!)

It's better than 100% risk free! How's that for putting my money where my mouth is.


*Only 150 Seats Available*
Only 9 Remaining As Of
October 20th.

To book your seats simply have your major credit card ready and click the "add to cart" button below. You'll be taken to our secure third-party processor to complete your reservation.

After you do, you'll be taken to the confirmation page where you'll get details on the event including times, location, and hotel arrangements.

Register Your Seats For The
Internet Marketing For Beginners Live

November 8th - 10th, 2013
In Jacksonville, FL

Yes Francis! I can't miss this event Give me my seat for Internet Marketing For Beginners Live. And I’m totally up for the “Action Taker Challenge” where I can make my first sale online and win some awesome prizes!

  • I understand that when I register I get full access to the Internet Marketing For Beginners LIVE Event-- November 8-10, 2013 -- where I'll discover the latest online marketing strategies to start, or grow any business even if I’m a complete newbie with no technical experience.
  • I understand that when I register today I get over $3,500 in bonuses.
  • I am fully aware that my decision is 100% risk free backed by your better than money back guarantee.
  • Finally, I understand that I must reserve my seat immediately before the event sells out and registration closes.

Order Online Securely, Even If It’s 2:00 on Sunday.

Click the button above to register. When you do you’ll be taken to a SECURE registration form. After you complete the process you’ll be given all the important details and be added to our exclusive attendees only notification list and receive some special surprises leading up to the event!

For questions or to register
email us at
[email protected]


We're not holding anything back... so come prepared!

Best Regards,

Francis Ablola
[email protected]
(On Behalf of the entire IM4B team!)

P.S. November is a perfect time to start focusing on the New Year that’s fast approaching. How is your 2013 going to be different? It's the perfect time to recharge, and redevelop ideas that will change your business. If you want difference, better results, it's time to make a decision.

P.P.S. To prepare you for the intensive, hands-on workshop environment we'll ask you to submit pre-event grounding material to help you get the most out of the time we spend together. You'll get more info about this as we get closer to the event. But remember, we’re going to challenge you to take action. This isn’t for the faint of heart. This is for people who want more and are willing to do what it takes! Be warned!

P.P.P.S. Don't worry about the technical side of things. We’re going to FOCUS time on how to get around that stuff without you doing it yourself. Brian built an empire on the Internet that totaled over $13 MILLION and counting WITHOUT knowing a single thing about the “tech mumbo jumbo”. Join us and see how you can run your online business, outsource everything, and free yourself for the lifestyle you deserve!

Reserve Your Seats Now!


We’re going to have fun together! Join us!

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What if I don't know anything about the Internet?
A: Then you’re in the right place! Our mission is to take you from complete novice to making your first sale online. Then repeating the process again and again! The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. This is your first step. If you know there’s money to be made on the Internet, but don’t have the first clue how to get started… this is where you need to be!

Q: Is this just for beginners, what is I have some experience?
A: Our goal is to take you from the ground up. BUT, we do teach some strategies in a way that has never been approached in the same way. What we teach is from our own trial and error and from that there’s always something new to learn. We do what we teach, and will show you real results. If you find value in that, we look forward to having you join us. We do offer advanced training when you’re ready. (But it isn’t mandatory!)

Q: What if I’m too young? What if I’m too old?
A: Age isn’t a factor unless you make it one. If you’re looking for new opportunities online all you need is the determination and a game plan to get you there. Our live event is different in the fact that we focus on your needs… and if you need some extra time, we’re here to help.

Q: How much time do I need to make money online?
A: 3 days. I say that jokingly because we’re focusing our event on helping you build a list, and make your first sale online while you’re live with us. We’ll show you what you need to do, and you go do it. PLUS, we’re giving you prizes for taking action. That’s the “Action Taker Challenge”. If you’ve got questions, we’ll be there to answer them. There will never be a better time or place than right here and right now!

Q: Do I need a lot of money to get started in an Internet business?
A: No way. We’re going to show you how we all grew our own businesses from pennies. Then we’re going to give you some ideas to make money from nothing. It’s possible, it just takes work! Sure, if you've got some capital to invest it’s much easier… but is it necessary. With enough imagination, determination, and a game plan… anything is possible. Let us give you the game plan.

Q: Can I do this working fulltime?
A: Absolutely! I started Internet marketing working 30 hours a week while going to school full-time. Brian started his online business while he was working nights and weekends on a sales floor with zero Internet marketing experience. It can be done in as little or as much time as you have as long as you have the right systems, the right blueprint, and the right people in your team. We’ll help you find all three!

Q: What makes you different from the other guys out there?
A: Yes, we know you have options. There are a lot of guys and gals out there teaching Internet stuff. Some good, some bad, but their out there. I can’t speak for them. All I can say is that as a team we’ve generated millions upon millions of dollars in sales on the Internet. We all bring a different set of experiences and skills to the table. And you learn from each of us. Collectively we’ve worked with our own projects, and client projects… from small garage startups to BILLION DOLLAR – Fortune 100 companies. We’ve seen A LOT and continue to test, track, prove, and win. If that's something you want to be a part of then join us!

Q: Is there a guarantee?
A: Most definitely! If you’re reading this then chances are you don’t know me. We’ve never spoken personally, or met face to face. It’s a big move to put down any investment with some dude you meet online. That’s why we’re backing up what we say and taking all the risk. First, you’re investment is on the honor system. Put down a small investment today and only pay the balance AFTER you make your first $3000 online. Our trust is in YOU! Second, come to the event and experience it first hand. If after the SECOND day you think it’s a bunch of baloney – or if it’s just not for you, come up to any of us and you’ll get a full 100% refund of your tuition you paid. Let us PROVE our worth to you! Again, the risk is totally on us not you!

We’ll add more Frequently Asked Questions as them come in! 

Reserve Your Seats Now!

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